Nov. 2

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog front lately. After tomorrow, things will slow down and, hopefully, there will be a larger entry forthcoming.

For those of you who are voting tomorrow…thank God He remains sovereign and in control regardless of what ridiculous choices we are forced to make in the voting booths.

God bless!


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

One thought on “Nov. 2”

  1. He absolutely reigns and we should be grateful for that.

    I’m not sure that the choices we have to make on a daily basis are any more rediculous (horrifying?) than the senseless slaughter of children or the killing of innocents here and abroad we have seen during the past three years.

    This free will we have, actually, is quite a responsibility. We express our collective will in the voting booth, and pray that it is in line with His; may it be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

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