Just a quick note

I have greatly appreciated the lively conversation on the earlier posts. Writers like it when people read their stuff, and that seems to extend to the blogosphere.

But, ask anyone who knows me even half-way well, I am a paranoid freak. I hate being misunderstood, and I want to make sure the purpose of this blog is reiterated, and that I say once again that I am not trying to attack anyone.

It took me about 12 years to come to Orthodoxy from my earlier states of spiritual unrest, and five years to make up my mind once I became acquainted with the Church. During those years, inside my warped little mind, I wrestled over these issues, argued with myself, and flirted with change. But other than my occasional cynical jabs, no one in my family or any of my friends really knew what was going on in my mind. This blog is an attempt to get it down on “paper”, for them and others (I hope) to read, think about, disagree/agree with, or ignore.

Consider it postcards from my journey home.

But that journey involved leaving, and I left a place I still hold dear and important in my mind (believe it or not), and a place where the majority of those I love still live. I know that my decision has caused frustration, and even pain, to those who love me. I hope, for them, this helps them understand me a bit more, though it probably just exacerbates the situation.

It is not in anyway my intention to attack specific people, or specific churches, though things I observed in those churches concerned me, and were counted among those things that I left.

I hope this blog sparks more discussion. I hope that friends and family members aren’t pulling out their hair, slamming their laptops closed, and gritting their teeth in frustration. I hope those that are not Orthodox forgive my zeal when it goes overboard, and look past my feeble efforts to see the glory of the Church created at Pentacost. I hope that those who share my love for the Holy Orthodox Church forgive my errors, and my efforts to explain this great Mystery.

May God richly bless all of you on your journeys!


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

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