Offerings of Holy Week

Updated from yesterday, with our text of the Bridegroom hymn:

Some liturgical food for thought, from the Bridegroom Matins service for Holy Wednesday:
Though I have outdone the harlot in sin, yet I have offered You no shower of tears. Rather, I fall before You fervently kissing Your spotless feet, praying silently that, as Master, You will remit my debts as I cry: “Savior, free me from the foulness of my deeds!”

And another hymn–
While the sinful woman brought oil of myrrh, the disciple came to an agreement with the transgressors. She rejoiced to pour out what was very precious, he made haste to sell the One who is above all price. She acknowledged Christ as Lord, he severed himself from the Master. She was set free, but Judas became the slave of the enemy. Grievous was his lack of love. Great was her repentance. Grant such repentance also unto me, O Savior who has suffered for our sake, and save us.

This one, the song sung throughout all the Bridegroom services, reduced me to a puddle last night. Growing up with the “sinner’s prayer,” I thought I understand the language of the primary conversion experience. This, however, paints a whole new and glorious picture of “inviting Jesus in.”

Verily I behold thy Bridal Chamber adorned, O my Savior, and I possess no wedding garment with which to enter therein. Delight Thou, in the robe of my soul, O Giver of Light, and save me.

And the thought that I won’t sing that hymn in church again until next year…sigh.


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

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