Some housekeeping

Christ is Risen!
I did what I vowed I would not do…I added a counter to the bottom of the blog, actually at the request of some curious friends. (Curious as in an action, not as a description) If the counter begins to distract me, I will remove it. But for those who visit–be good to my self-esteem. Tell your friends. OK, just kidding. Well, mostly.

With the counter, I really am going to try to be kinder to those five readers I have and blog more. I have so many things I want to write, about this glorious journey into Orthodoxy, and my subsequent journey through Orthodoxy, that at times I find it overwhelming. But I promise, more posts.

To those five who visit, please feel free to comment. I enjoy it when there’s other voices here than my own, and it adds to the richness of the dialog, even when it’s a bit of a debate. So many of you have had different journeys, have been traveling longer, or whatever, and I want to hear from you.

So…if you’re reading this, thanks for causing that little number at the bottom to inch up by one.


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

3 thoughts on “Some housekeeping”

  1. Indeed, He is risen!

    One of many wonderful features of Orthodoxy is that the glorious journey never gets old, it just keeps on going throughout eternity. I’m blessed to take that journey along with you, Bec!

  2. I found your blog last week through someone else’s although I can’t remember who now. I enjoy reading about your journey as I am just beginning this huge transition of protestant to orthodoxy. It’s really helpful to me to read about other people who have done it because I have very little support in this endeavor. I have been studying for 3-4 mos and had my first visit to a church last Sunday. It was so exciting!!! Can’t wait to go back tomorrow! I love orthodoxy but sometimes it seems like such a daunting endeavor.

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