Some housekeeping

OK…I know it’s been months, and I’m truly sorry about that. I am, hopefully, going to be able to get back into this a bit more heavily. Things have settled down a bit in my own soul, which was kind of what I was waiting for. I had seriously underestimated the spiritual difficulty I would find myself in as a result of the turmoil in my beloved parish. Not much has changed externally, but I feel like I am becoming healed, a bit, from it.

You will now notice a “word verification” requirement when you try to comment, for those two remaining readers I have left. In the past months, I have had some lovely offers for Christmas gift sales, dating services, and other SPAM left in the comments posts. It is happening more frequently, and so…to avoid such nonsense, please play along.

I want to welcome my new email friend Jeff Baxter. I hope he’s checking in from time to time. Jeff has been graciously indulging me in some online debate about postmodernism, the “emergent church” and other matters. I want to thank him for getting some of my juices flowing again.

To all who have occassionally checked in and found nothing new, allow me to apologize.

I’m baaaaaack.


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

5 thoughts on “Some housekeeping”

  1. Glad to see you back, Bec! I’m saddened that things haven’t settled for you externally, but thankful they have internally.

  2. She’s back –Yeah!!!!!

    in the spirit of making the word verification a game: today in my version of the “Bec’s Blog” word verification game i got to type the letters: xzhswge

    and i figure that part two of the game is: using those letters what word/s could i make?

  3. hi.
    hope all is well in indiana.
    in new york, the catholics don’t serve wine, priests speak more latin than i’d like, and i have no one to talk religion with.
    on the brighter side, i’m hoping to take a religion class in the spring, which, as a bonus, takes a trip to india at spring break.
    anyway, thought i’d let you know i was thinking of you.

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