Come forth

Today is Lazarus Saturday. I normally find myself in church for the liturgy, but felt that something else was needed today (family time).

My heart, though, is with the crowd gathered at Lazarus’ tomb, waiting in their grief to see what will happen.

We wait here too. We clench our jaws, hold back our tears and watch death unfold all around us. We busy ourselves in our digital worlds. We pack our schedules and fill our lives with so much nonsense, all in an effort to keep death (or at least the realization of death) at at least arms’ length away, further if we can get it.

But it comes anyway. It barrels through our defenses, like a bullet through a paper target. Our loved ones die. Our bodies fall apart. Our friends’ children are molested. Our neighbors are murdered by their spouses. We steal brief moments of joy with our families and our friends, knowing that those moments are not enough to stave off death and suffering.

I have said this before on the blog, and I will say it again. We don’t belong here and we know it. We know we were not designed for death, and so many moments of so many of our days prove this is true. And we hate it. It grieves us.

We stand with Lazarus’ family, now, waiting for our Lord to do something. We know He can and we want to believe He will.

For those who have been struggling pathetically through Great Lent (me), stand there in belief. For those who have been waging great personal battles against suffering, stand there in belief. For those who are nearing the end, stand there in belief. Wait for the victory.

We are also in the tomb with Lazarus. But for those who enter into Christ’s death and resurrection, we shall hear His voice at the end.

Come forth.

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone!


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

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