Rabble rousing

UPDATE: ABWE submits to a full investigation by G.R.A.C.E. Glory to God!

I should be napping. My alarm is gonna go off in about 10 minutes, but my brain won’t shut off. It’s too busy processing thoughts like “justice” and “mercy” and “peace.”

We talk about these words in terms of our salvation pretty easily, spend hours debating them (at least we did in my Baptist life). God’s justice demands X. His mercy gives us Y. He died that we might have peace. Etc.

But what do they mean in our daily lives? How in the wide world do we apply them to what we see around us: a world broken, the wronged re-accused, the poor hurt, conflict abounding.

A week ago, I wrote a post about my good friends, the ones I rarely see but when I think about them I always smile. I wrote about how they are waging a great battle against the forces that set out to destroy them. I wrote about how courageous they are and what unbelievable examples they are of God’s grace under tremendous pressure. It’s been a week in which things were supposed to happen on their behalf. It’s been a week in which they were promised something. would. be. done.

And still nothing. So over on their blog, we raise our voices in additional calls for justice. We plead and cajole and beg for the “righteous” to do the right thing. Some now ask the victims to continue to suffer in silence. They cast dispersions on those who stand alongside. The mission agency, those Baptists, they are not my people anymore in a specific sense. I long ago left the world that understood only a legal definition of God’s justice, that applied that legal understanding with a heavy hand. I left that world for the safer pastures of Orthodoxy, but I know that these issues are still present with me. You see, they are still my people in the general sense. They are my brothers in Christ, albeit wandering very far afield on this one. I should still desire their restoration. I need to pray to that end.

But the only interest I can seem to call up is a burning desire for peace for my friends.  I want for them to go to sleep at night with other thoughts in their heads. I want my loving God to restore the years the locusts have eaten. I want everything back in its proper place. I want things made right.

That may not happen this side of heaven. And I will continue to wrestle with finding the balance between the soul’s call for justice and its desire for peace. They can coexist, I think, but usually there’s a war somewhere in between.

Sorry this is such a rambling collection of thoughts. Like I said, I should be taking a nap. There’s the alarm…


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

3 thoughts on “Rabble rousing”

  1. I’m touched by your passion for these women and you’re unwillingness to give up or remain silent on this matter. I’ve wanted to say something for quite some time but have been unable to speak. I am a victim of another sort. I am one who will never have justice here on this earth. My church “dealt with” the men who abused myself and other girls. In reality the issue was buried. I’ve waited for the voices to fade on this issue. I’ve sat in silence hoping and praying these women will have a better outcome than what I was handed. Please keep fighting. You are a voice for many who have no voice and no hope for a better outcome on this earth. I had almost given up on any justice being metted out on this earth in situations like this. I will not have justice here, but I pray these women will. Please don’t give up. You are fighting for more people than you know! In Christ, Stephanie

    1. Stephanie–my dear sister in Christ, may the Triune God who brought the world into being, conquered sin and death and desires to restore all to what it was BEFORE, may He who Is bring you peace and further healing.

      I too argue a bit on the blog for myself. I am sure there are far too many of us in that world who were hurt and abused but found their cries for help fell on deaf ears. Thank you for your encouragement. Thanks for entering into this fight with us, for us and for those who come along behind. We are all precious children. He gave everything to bring us back to Himself. He is mighty to save. He’s got us.

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