Day five

of my vacation…

I didn’t go anywhere terribly exciting, necessarily interesting or inherently glamorous.

I’m currently sitting in my jammies at my mom’s kitchen counter, bare-footed and working through my second cup of coffee. In about an hour I’ll be headed toward Lake Michigan and my version of a midwestern white sands getaway.

I am trying to do something different this week, though, at the urging of the boyfriend, “A”, and my friends who grow weary of my nonstop political and religious bantering. I am trying to shut off my brain.

It’s a task made very difficult right now by the nonsense in D.C., the fact that the Congress of these United States is currently putting metal in the microwave and cutting up all their Barbies while we try to figure out how to pay our bills, keep our kids in decent schools and our future heads above water.  We have just a few more days until a self-imposed fiscal Armageddon takes over the country or the world.

It’s hard not to obsess. But I am trying. I’m working through a fantastic Elmore Leonard novel. Yesterday my mom and I went to the fair and petted the goats, laughed at the roosters and watched sweaty and exhausted teenagers wrangle their hogs through the show rings.

It is a decidedly Midwest vacation. Maybe our “elected” officials should come out here and play, without an eye to the next election or impressing the person sitting next to them. Maybe they should sit silently in the stands and watch the grandparents beam at their grandkids, eyes shiny and minds trying not to worry about their Social Security checks in peril next week. Maybe they should get in line at the pharmacy and listen to the woman try to figure out why her Medicaid isn’t paying for her necessary prescription. Maybe they should join the rest of us down here.

(Sorry, I got a little carried away).

I’m going to go say my prayers, pack my backpack with the iPod, the sunscreen and the novel, jump in the shower and then in A’s truck while we head northwest. I will sit on the beach, grateful I have access to it for now, and enjoy the relative peace and quiet of the last half of my vacation. Next week, it will be back to the grind of court cases and criminals, but for now … I’ll turn my brain off.

Have a great day!


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

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