Sorry about that

So much for that discipline thing. I’d been doing pretty well with the blogging, the reading, the good stuff, and then spent the past month just wasting the evening time on the wrong screens (cursed Mindjolt games).

But it’s not like I haven’t had thoughts, or thoughts about my thoughts, or (my favorite and probably the worst), thoughts about somebody else’s thoughts.

So a quick update, I guess:

* ran the Warrior Dash and climbed over three 20-foot walls (I’m kinda scared of heights)

* ran my first 10k

*made my first anniversary with the boyfriend, a milestone he tracked down via his bank records in a really sweet way and one I forgot. (Go him!)

* I’m kind of jealous of those Occupy Wall Street peeps. Professionally I’m not supposed to have any personal opinions, but, boy, I’ve got ’em. And as a member of the 99% who does not control the wealth and the power, as someone who has been in my career for a dozen years now, and is making little progress on my student loans, on salary advancement, on benefits, on anything, I wish I could say Get ’em! to those marching around with signs. If I could say anything like that, I would say that I hope that the powers that be listen and that we become a more just society, whatever that means.

* I’ve missed church for the past two weeks. Once for work and once for a family event. In the past few eight weeks, I have not been in church a total of three times (any Orthodox church). I don’t think that’s happened since I became Orthodox. I don’t like how this has made me feel. I don’t like the disconnect. And I don’t like what it has done to my soul. I look forward to worship this Sunday, to Communion this Sunday, to Church.

So, here’s that apology. Sorry about the missing month. I’ll try to do better. I have other things I want to say and probably ought to say.

For now that’s it.

Parting picture of the sisters at the Warrior Dash. Isn’t that fun?!


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

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