Hold tight

Yeah, yeah, I know, three posts in 24 hours. My boyfriend’s out of town and a girl’s got to amuse herself somehow, right?

The post this morning, about how this is the end of all that is for us here in shiny happy people land, I don’t think I’m backing off that at all. In fact, I seem to feel it more acutely tonight. And I’m kind of wishing I was a pre-trib rapturist again. It sure was easier when I was one.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we’re going to wake up tomorrow and we’ll be stripping the bark off trees for fuel and food. It’s going to be more subtle then that, more the constricting like a boa sliding around our waists than a knife to the heart. Does that make any sense? I just think we’re scrapping the bottom of the peanut butter jar here and we’re soon not going to have enough to put on the bread. But really, why should be any different than anybody else?

It’s hard not to despair. It’s hard not to whine and complain about it. The other night I was driving back from my sister’s baby shower with my grandma, just the two of us in the dark car and she was talking about how her family made it during the Great Depression. Her father owned a hardware store and carried half the farmers on credit, until he couldn’t do it anymore himself. He then parlayed a small electricity course he took into a job with rural electrification and the WPA and all that and saved the family. I don’t think we could pull that off now, I truly don’t.

I said my prayers last night–“thy kingdom come, thy will be done…” and I wonder what that means, really. For me, for us, for the Church here and now. We are, as the brilliant Fr. Stephen said on his blog today, living in a strange time, and in a strange land. These things that are going on around us, these earthquakes of culture and winds of conflict, they will not leave us unchanged and untouched. But, as Fr. Stephen went on to say, the goal for us as Christ followers remains the same:

The goal of my life in Christ is to remain faithful to Christ. Despite changes that inevitably shake my world, the goal remains the same and Christ is without change. Thus there is a Rock which cannot be shaken and whose purpose remains the same.

I have a sense that many things are being shaken in our world just now – and far more than we can see at present. I encourage my readers and friends to remain faithful to the Rock upon whom our lives are present. We have no “abiding city,” no political philosophy, no marriage to the transient things of this world. Many things seem to be shaken at present – though the Kingdom we seek cannot be shaken.

So there you are. Hold on, my friends and go with God.


Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

4 thoughts on “Hold tight”

  1. The closer I grow to God, the more alienated I am from this culture, this country, this government. I am a Christian above and beyond all else. Empires rise and fall, the the Body of Christ, the “fullness of He that fills all in all,” endures forever. The crazier our society gets, the saner the Church seems.

    “Put not your trust in princes” (Psalm 146:3).

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