Happy birth-day!

On a new baby in the family…


There’s a new baby in my family, born this morning to my youngest sis and her hubby. She joins my nephew, one of the smartest, in-tune kids I’ve ever met (and I’m not just biased), in a family with a mom and a dad who want desperately to parent well.

They work, to pay the bills, at a residential treatment center in northwest Indiana, helping to redirect other people’s children who have (often through no fault of their own) gone off the rails. So these two little ones, my nephew and new niece, will be often around the have-nots. My sis feeds them holiday meals. My sis and her husband work as the directors of spiritual life, ministering, praying for them and crying with them over all the things that have occurred in just the few short years of their existence.

It is an accident of birth that my niece will spend today and every other day in the presence of those who love her, completely and faithfully. My nephew is already aware of the perfect Love of God, and loves Him in return (this is why we baptize infants, but that’s another blog for another time). I have no reason but to assume that my niece will have a similar experience. How lucky are they?!

I know so many people who love their children well. I know so many who try really hard to develop empathy, passion, respect and belief in their children. And I know, or more like I see, those who do not. My sister sees that too, and they spend so much time cleaning up that particular mess. And it is not the fault of those children — that they are poor, that they may smell bad or are dirty, or that at a variety of places down the line they were taken advantage of or used for someone else’s evil purpose.

If I were a Calvinist, I’d probably shrug my shoulders and be merely grateful that God “ordained” this better life for my beloved niece and nephew. But I’m not a Calvinist, so I believe that His justice and His grace demands that we endeavor to give those others the best life we can because it is not their fault, nor does it have to be their destiny, that they tumbled into this world on that side of the line.

Welcome little one! I can’t wait to meet you.

Author: Rebecca

Orthodox Christian. Journalist. SAR K9 handler. All three of those are deeply related.

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